Buy Cheap Short & Out of Date Food


I've put together some useful links and helpful information, it's all about saving money on your weekly household shopping expenses and sourcing the cheapest food.

You won't find any information on getting the best deal on holidays, electrical items, insurance or other big ticket purchases, it's all about the small stuff here.

It may be small stuff but it's very important stuff because regular small savings count just as much as the headline grabbing one-off savings on the larger purchases.

And to start with, how about saving up to 70% on food and household items by changing where you do your shopping?

Yes, really...  

There are now websites that sell

  • Short dated food

  • Best before date food

  • Expired food
  • Clearance food
  • Bargain food

or whatever you want to call it

..these websites have a mix of familiar brands and some that you may not recognise with unbeatable price reductions of up to 70% off their original RRP.

A discount food website is the first place to look for the cheap food, cleaning materials and household goods online

saving money 

If you feel a little uncomfortable about buying out of date food or short dated food, don't be, you probably eat out of date food every day without knowing or caring. Just have a look at the jars and packets in your food cupboard. I'm sure that there is at least one item that is well past it's 'best' date and you eat it regularly with pleasure and certainly no ill effects. 

There is a huge difference between use before date food and best before date food. A 'use before' instruction on a fresh food item like meat, fish and dairy should be considered as a guidline, use your eyes and nose to check if the food is edible. A 'best before' date is just alerting the customer to the fact that the quality of a store cupboard item may start to suffer over a period of time. As I said previously, everyone has at least one item in their store cupboard that just keeps on going regardless of when the manufacturer expected it to deteriorate, go on, have a look next time you open your kitchen cupboards. 

The dates that the manufacturers use are often over-cautious and the goods don't deteriorate at a given month on the calendar so they are perfectly edible and enjoyable many months after the best before date has passed. It wasn't that long ago that food items didn't have date stamps and it was all down to common sense if something was safe and good to eat, now we are told when to eat something and we often end up needlessly throwing perfectly good food away because of a date stamp. 

Supermarket Bosses Eat Expired and 'Best Before' Date Food

Take a look at this front page from the Times, the article inside showed that the even the supermarket bosses think that the expiry dates on fresh food can be ignored if a bit of common sense is applied.

This is a good thing and bad thing in equal measure. If the supermarket chiefs act to make the expiry dates longer, or remove them from items such as fruit and veg this will have an impact on the amount of perfectly good food that is trashed at the end of the day which is obviously a good thing.

However this will cut down on the yellow stickered items that sell for a fraction of the full price at certain times of the day, I know that's a little bit selfish but I'm sure that I'm not the only shopper that makes a bee-line for the yellow stickers so it would be a blow for the penny pinching shopper but better for the planet as a whole. Mustn't grumble.



Not everything offered by these online bargain food companies is out of date food, most of the items for sale are short dated food that was over-produced by the manufacturer or was produced for a special market like Christmas or Easter and the moment has now passed. Or maybe the label was redesigned and the items with the old labels are not to be on sale in the supermarkets any longer so the manufacturer needs to let them go cheaply. You'll be surprised that a great many of the bargains have months to go before the best before date comes close. 

The cost of delivery is pretty much the same as all on-line grocery shopping but as the savings are so large you win both ways - you get cheap food AND it's brought to your door too. Better still if you pool your groceries with a friend so you both gain and you halve the delivery cost between you.  

Introducing you to the Approved Food discount food website

Approved Food

The savings that you'll make with your Approved Food order is often astounding, our orders often have savings of over £100 - per order! - and we've totalled 35 orders so far so if that isn't a good recommendation I don't know what is! 

Expect the unexpected with Approved Food, it's not just discount food in tins and packets. They have fresh fruit and vegetables and plenty of non-food items with huge discounts off the original price, some are even perfect for squirreling away for gifts. 

Don't forget that the offers may be very short lived so if you stop to think about it too long you'll miss out.

If you also want to have a little fun with your shopping look out for  'Lucky Boxes'. These are boxes filled with a random assortment of items for £1 or sometimes even less. You can't go wrong for £1! They are offered for sale every couple of weeks and sell out in a flash.

The current unmissable top 5 Best Sellers on Approved Food are:


Get yourself a coffee and take a look at the Approved Food offers, you'll be hooked within minutes!

Approved Food


Approved Food isn't the only clearance food website in the UK, there is also ClearanceXL

They have a similar eclectic mix of household items and food at vastly reduced prices. They often have great offers on case prices so are well worth a daily check to see what's new.

The current best offers on Clearance XL are these:


xl 28th


box of food

These bargain website often have food that has BBF dates way into the future so you can take advantage of these if you wanted to make donations to your local Food Bank. The kind of items that the Food Banks are looking for are easily found such as pasta, rice, tinned meats, tea, coffee and desserts. It's far more affordable to you to do it this way than buying in your regular supermarket at full price.